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Truck Refrigeration

The BoTemp Eutect Series has custom are mounted to the roof of the freight space. A compressor unit is used to charge the tubes. The tubes keep the goods at the required temperature during operation. For freezing applications, natural cold radiation is used. For refrigerating applications, the cold air is blown into the cargo space by a thermostat-operated fan. These eutectic chill units are especially suitable for multi drop vans. The eutectic tubes can also be mounted on the front wall for chilling applications. The tubes are then separated from the cargo space by an additional front partition, which has a fan to blow cold air into the cargo space.

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  1. Multi temperature systems
  2. Unloaded start

And many other options




  • Frame

The frame is a self-supporting structure made of stainless steel, with a white protective coating and ABS cover.


  • Compressors

Semi-hermetically sealed refrigerating compressors with a range of power ratings.


  • Recharging

All units are designed for electrical (415V) recharging.


  • Switch box

The control unit in the box is fully automatic. Operation remote control electronic thermostat, digital temperature

readout, operation control lights and operating switches.


  • Refrigerant

The units use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R 404A as standard.




  • Protection

The use of a gel rather than a liquid, eliminates the possibility of product damage.


  • Non-toxic

The gel contains non-toxic materials.


  • Weight

Low weight for its high capacity.


  • No crystallization

The gel does not crystallize, even after many years of operation.


  • Corrosion-free

Special stainless steel tubing.


  • Strong plastic

The tube is made of high-density polyethylene, which is resistant to acids, bases and UV radiation.







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