Giới thiệu địa chỉ uy tín chuyên sua chua dien nuoc tai ha noi, mua bán dien thoai vertu cu, sua chua dien lanhsua chua dien nuoc cho các hộ gia đình và cơ quan ở tại Hà Nội. Phục vụ 600000 lượt khách mỗi năm!

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Nén Công Nghiệp Vilter

VSM Single Screw Compressors



The Vilter MiniScrew compressor models include:
VSM-152 , VSM-182, VSM-202, VSM-301, VSM-361, VSM-401, VSM-501, VSM-601, VSM-701.


VSM Ratings

(STT = 0DegC & STD = +35DegC with Ammonia refrigerant)

Vilter Model VSM-152 VSM-182 VSM-202 VSM-301 VSM-361
CFM 152 177 202 305 353
Cooling kW 195 230 268 401 471
Motor kW 43 49 55 81 93

Vilter Model VSM-401 VSM-501 VSM-601 VSM-701
CFM 405 502 609 691
Cooling kW 545 690 850 963
Motor kW 105 127 152 173

Advantages of Vilter Single Screw Compressors vs Typical Twin Screw Compressors

  Single Screw Twin Screw  
Part Load Efficiency / Slide Valve Design Parallex silde system - Key to part load efficiencies. Capacity & Volume slides move independently of each other based on load, eliminating over and under compression and saving motor horse power. One side, or two slides in series. This result in lower efficiency at part load condition.


Slide Valve Actuation Electronic motor drive with optical sensor, for maximum flexibility, always provides consistent load and upload speed. No hydraulic leaks. No effect by cold weather. Hydraulic control using a 3-way valve requiring adjustments. The many internal "O" rings wear allowing slide valve creep. Slow in cold weather.  
Thrust Loads A single main rotor with both ends at suction pressure results in extremely low thrust loads. Since the discharge end of the screw is vented to suction, the suction gas pressure is exerted on both ends of the screw. Two opposing rotor design creates unbalanced high loads on the main screw. Pressure exerted at discharge port.  
Radial Loads No radials loads on single rotor. Since compression occurs symetrically and simultaneously on opposite slides of screw, the radial forces due to compression are canceled out. Opposing rotors cause high radial loads. Some twin screws require journal type bearings for high loads, resulting in full time oil pump operation. vilter_003
Bearing Life The only vertical loads excerted on the main screw bearing are due to gravity. The first recommended bearing inspection is at 120,000 hours (15 years), resulting in every low maintenance costs and downtime during this period. Running higher rpm and higher rotor loads has direct impact on the life of all components, including the bearings. Typical costly major overhauls are required every 5 years.  
Microprocessor The Vission Microcompressor Controller has a user friendly 15' touch screen with features and functions include status bar, control block, sensor readings, notices to maintenances and oil level with graphical trending. Harder-to-use Keypad Control-Panel. vilter_004

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